What is E-tuning?

VersaTuner comes with a bunch of free prebuilt tunes for all supported platforms that cover stock or near-stock vehicles. Our Mazda tunes are quite conservative and include a safety margin that lets them work fine in all regions of the world.

If none of our free prebuilt tunes matches the modifications of your car or you just want to extract even more horsepower from your Mazda, you can get a paid custom tune from one of our e-tuning partners. E-tuning is a process when a tune is created and sent to you over the internet based on the logs that you record while driving your car around on the road.

Authorized e-Tuning Partners

Tunes created by our authorized tuning partners can be flashed using VersaTuner Lite and the full version of VersaTuner.
Please contact the e-tuner directly to get details and pricing.

10k RPM

MAZDA Rotary Engine Specialist - always in full throttle when dealing with your MAZDA Rotary and beyond - featuring VERSATuner firmware and software for top end services and performance !!! We are so welcoming you in our shop - please feel free to meet us ! Best regards, 10k RPM

Location: Athens, 15235, Greece, EU
Languages spoken: English
Phone: 00306985923829

348 WaldyTech

Also known as WaldyPerformance, we are a company specializing in all types of rotary engines. We have more than 25 years of experience and a wide variety of platforms we specialize in, including VersaTune. We specialize in Rx8 (first or second generation), from original cars to fully-built engines and power adders. We also work with various vehicles for which you can contact us. For more information about our company, you can visit our website or communicate by email.

Location: Puerto Rico
Languages spoken: Spanish and English
Phone: 787-528-7178 or 787-342-2201

Atenza Tuning

Atenza Tuning offers fully customised VersaTuner e-tunes for all Mazda platform vehicles. Over 10 years of tuning experience on various platforms, from lightly modified stock vehicles to fully built engines with large turbos and additional port injection. Fast turnaround time for new tune revisions. Mazdaspeed/MPS DISI specialist with builds up to +800 whp.

Location: Finland
Languages spoken: English, Finnish
Phone: +358505020724

Aus Dyno

Aus Dyno specialises in performance motorsport fabrication and tuning such as, drifting, racing and extreme off road. We also specialise in diesel tuning. Our work is not limited to, turbo conversions, engine conversions, transmission conversions, custom manifolds, exhaust, intercoolers, intakes etc

Location: Australia
Languages spoken: English
Phone: 0431348406

Autoculture Tuning Ltd

We are a performance tuning shop based in Norwich, Norfolk specializing in primarily VAG / German vehicles. We offer tuning on a wide range of vehicles on both OEM & Standalone Management such as - ECU Master, Motorsport Electronics, Ignitron, Emerald and Speeduino / Megasquirt.

Location: United Kingdom
Languages spoken: English
Phone: 01603 301992

Balum Engineering

Located in South of Norway, with a flexible traveling attitude we are here to provide you with remote or in person ecu reflash. Feel free to write in need of any answer / advice. 10+ Years in experience of working intensively with RX-8 (NA and Boosted), various highly modified diesel engines built for racing (drag , circuit and towing) and boosted petrol engines. We work on road where all sort of load conditions are to be created, monitored and adjusted for (like uncontrolled boost creep).

Location: Norway
Languages spoken: English
Phone: +4746350381

Big Fish Garage

We have a full 4 wheel drive linked Dyno and develop the software in house. We have numerous Mazda’s ourselves, including the Exocet’s.

Location: United Kingdom, North Yorkshire
Languages spoken: English
Phone: 01642039111

CleaR Motorsport

Based in the North West of England, I am able to offer tuning services to customers all over the world. I have a deep understanding of the naturally aspirated SkyActiv platform (from the MX-5 / Miata Mk4 / ND), and built some of VersaTuner's off-the-shelf tunes, though can apply my knowledge to any N/A engine. I only work with a very small amount of customers at any one time to ensure you get the best experience, fast turnaround times and optimum results. Look forward to hearing from you, Adam.

Location: United Kingdom
Languages spoken: English, a little French
Phone: 07834534612

Dynotech Industries New Zealand

Worldwide etuning specialist, NZ's Leading stock ecu tuner/calibrator with 30 years experience in the tuning industry

Location: New Zealand
Languages spoken: English
Phone: +64 21606700

Engineered Motorsport Solutions

We provide tuning for Mazdaspeed and other vehicles via versatune.

Location: United States
Languages spoken: English
Phone: 757-202-2067

Eurotek Tuning LLC

Service, Repair, Performance, Dyno, Custom tuning including Mazda model vehicles.

Location: United States
Languages spoken: English
Phone: 888-967-5634

Fab9 Tuning

Operating out of middle Tennessee, we're the largest MX-5 focused calibration specialists. Remote tuning experts supporting MZR, Duratec, BP, Skyactiv. RX-8, Mazda Skyactiv platforms and other stand alone based management systems. Custom tuning or dyno developed shelf calibrations offered through VersaTune including a number of more childish features offered, like flames, cracks and pops, peak performance.

Location: Nashville Tennessee
Languages spoken: English
Phone: 2028103229

Freektune LLC

My name is Justin Brasil at Freektune. I have been working with Mazdas since 2004, specializing in the DISI platforms.

Location: United States
Languages spoken: English
Phone: +1 603-264-4083


We are specialists in high performance tuning

Location: Guatemala
Languages spoken: English
Phone: +502 49203416

Mecánica Vivó


Location: Puerto Rico
Languages spoken: English
Phone: (787) 385-8780

Obrist Motorsport

Tuningshop specialized for Japanese Cars with OEM and Standalone ECU's

Location: Switzerland
Languages spoken: German, English
Phone: +41564431534


trabajamos con Rx8 serie 1 y serie 2

Location: Puerto Rico
Languages spoken: espanol
Phone: 19392024865

Possum Bourne Motorsport

NZ Premier Tuning Shop

Location: New Zealand
Languages spoken: English
Phone: +64 09 238 5732

Rif Tuned

I'm Seth, I I operate out of the Bay Area in California, I've been tuning RX-8s and other Mazdas for a few years now. Some stuff I offer is specialized tunes for street/bridge ported motors, and have a slew of "fun" tunes like flames, pops & bangs, pure performance, and GhostPort (have a bridgeported sound on stockport). I am able to do most of the popular platforms (MX-5s, speeds, skyactiv…), and RX-8s Instagram: @riftuned

Location: United States
Languages spoken: English
Phone: 5856151301

Rotune Performance

Based in Auckland, New Zealand - we specialize in tuning the Mazda RX8 ECU, providing in-house or remote preset/custom tunes.

Location: New Zealand
Languages spoken: English

Ryan Rotary Performance

Specialist Rotary company predominantly dealing With Mazda Rx8s and Rx7s, we have you covered for all your rotary tuning needs whether its a standard Rx8, Street-Port, Bridge-Port or Forced Induction we can do it all.

Location: United Kingdom
Languages spoken: English
Phone: +447843850868

Speed tuning store

somos tu mejor opcion a la hora de comprar nuestros paquete de custom tuning NUESTRO DYNO ES TOTALMENTE GRATIS ! TAMBIEN HACEMOS TUNING REMOTO

Location: Dominican Republic
Languages spoken: ingles espanol
Phone: +18298988018

Speed Works Performance parts & Tuning

Tuning and parts distribution of all four generations of MX-5 Miatas, with close to 10 years of experience. We can do remote custom tuning for the 3rd generation NC.

Location: Israel
Languages spoken: English, Hebrew
Phone: +972542063330


Tonni Sneyers / ST-autosport Specialized in engine development, race-car design, engine mapping and diagnostics, parts supply and loads more. inhouse dyno. doing lots of mapping and development for other tuning companies as well.

Location: Belgium
Languages spoken: English, Dutch, French
Phone: +32 (0)496 56 87 86

Tuned By Gegi

I'm a Hungarian tuner that specializes in MPS.

Location: Hungary
Languages spoken: English
Phone: +36204697343

Twisted Tuning - "Increasing the Area Under The Curve"

20+years of Cross brand experience in ECU calibration, Automotive Design and Fabrication.

Location: United States
Languages spoken: English
Phone: 845-466-0553

Xero Limit Inc.

We have been tuning the Mazda platform since 2007, the NC longer than anyone on the market. We support the NC & ND MX5 as well as other Mazda models. Dyno services available in eastern PA.

Location: United States
Languages spoken: English
Phone: 484-272-5169


Australian E-Tuner specialising in Mazda DISI and MZR engines.

Location: Australia
Languages spoken: English

E-tuning Workflow

  • You contact an e-tuner that can build a tune for your car and discuss your modifications, requirements, cost, etc.
  • The e-tuner will send you an initial tune that you flash to your car using VersaTuner Lite or the full version of VersaTuner.
  • You drive your car around and record some logs as instructed by your tuner and email your logs to him/her.
  • The e-tuner will review the logs, identify necessary changes and send you an improved tune.
  • Previous two steps are repeated until you are satisfied with the tune (or as you agreed).
  • In the end you have a tune that matches your modifications very well and extracts safely available horsepower.