ECU tuning/remapping software for:

2010-2013 (2nd gen) Mazdaspeed3, Mazda 3 MPS or MazdaSpeed Axela

Supported engines: 2.3l MZR DISI Turbo (all regions)

Gen 2 Mazdaspeed3/Mazda 3 MPS Tuning Made Easy

VersaTuner has been carefully designed to be easy to understand for first time users and at the same time allows experienced tuners to work efficiently. All features are accessible from one Windows app with a sleek and modern user interface. Guides and wizards lead you through the important processes. The UI is optimized both for touch-based use on tablets as well as laptops and desktop PCs.

Safe and Reliable

VersaTuner is a true reflashing (remapping/chip tuning) solution, not a "piggyback" controller. No wires need to be spliced and all built-in safety features of the ECU are retained. It uses the same flashing methods that are used by dealerships when updating your ECU. Built in recovery feature can flash the ECU even in the unlikely event of power failure. Your stock calibration is backed up, so you can go back to stock at any time.

Online Tune Database

A growing selection of prebuilt tunes is available right from the app. If you have a stock or mildly modified vehicle, flash a suitable tune with a couple of clicks and enjoy. All our tunes can be downloaded and edited and serve as a great starting point for custom or high power tunes.

Tune Editor

VersaTuner includes an advanced tune editor allowing you to edit a multitude of tables, maps and constants and customize existing or create custom tunes for your Gen 2 Mazdaspeed3/Mazda 3 MPS. It comes with a ton of productivity features, such as tune comparison, visualization, interpolation and automated translation of descriptions to 110+ languages.

Dashboard & Log Viewer

Virtual dashboard allows you to view and record all the vital engine parameters simultaneously. Analyze recorded logs later using a graphical log viewer or export them to Excel or Virtual Dyno.


Read and clear DTCs from multiple modules, not just your engine ECU. A vast number of standard and Mazda-specific DTCs is supported.

Features & Extras

More Power, Faster Acceleration

VersaTuner allows you to safely and easily increase the horsepower and torque of your engine. That results in faster launches and better 0-60/0-100 times.

After driving a tuned car you will never want to go back to stock again!*

* going back to stock only takes a couple of minutes with VersaTuner, when needed

Full Potential of Modifications

Have you fitted an uprated intake or intercooler? A bigger turbo and exhaust?

On modern cars, upgrading parts alone will not have a significant effect unless accompanied by changes in ECU tuning. VersaTuner allows you to realize the full potential of your mods. Update the tune easily as you add new parts in the future.

Launch Control & No Lift Shifting

Perfect launches have never been easier. VersaTuner limits the launch RPMs so that the only thing you need to worry about is releasing the clutch at the right moment. With no lift shifting, you can go through gears without releasing the accelerator and loosing boost. All settings are fully adjustable!

* manual transmission only


A Mazdaspeed/Mazda MPS tuning first. Now even the biggest turbos can be fully spooled at launch for immediate boost and power. MegaSpool provides configurable timing retard during launch control and no lift shifting. As a bonus, it also sounds awesome!

E85 Tuning

VersaTuner includes all necessary tables to allow your car to properly start and run on E85 ethanol fuel. A handy E85 calculator helps with calculating the right values depending on the blend you use.

SWAS Disable

You can now disable all torque limiters, including traction control and torque vectoring due to steering angle sensor (SWAS) input. Get full power of the engine delivered to the wheels in every gear, in any road conditions, even when cornering.

Push the Limits

  • Change the speed limiter
  • Change the rev limiter
  • Open throttle till redline
  • Make accelerator pedal more responsive
  • Use large turbos, MAP sensors and MAF housings

Fix Issues

  • Eliminate stutter when shifting
  • Fix turbo smoking issues by adjusting idle RPM
  • Fix MAF calibrations skewed by aftermarket intakes
  • Disable DTCs when you remove parts like EGR or VTCS for track use

Special Tunes

Anti-theft tune will prevent the car from starting and keep the intruder confused, offering you peace of mind when you need to leave the car for a long time.

Valet tune significantly reduces the power and speed of the car and is perfect for those situations when someone needs to borrow your precious vehicle.

Available Tunes

This is a list of currently available free VersaTuner tunes for 2010-2013 (2nd gen) Mazdaspeed3, Mazda 3 MPS or MazdaSpeed Axela. New tunes are regularly added based on demand. If you can't find a suitable tune, you can contact a professional tuner or an e-tuner working with VersaTuner. You can also create a custom tune yourself, using any of these tunes as a starting point.

93US/98EU Octane High Load + CPE CAI + Corksport Race Pipe Version: 1.06

93US/98EU Octane tune for CPE CAI and Corksport catless race pipe. Requested load is kept below 2.0 so that stock HPFP should be OK. +100HP at 6000RPM vs. stock tune with the same mods! Stock DP is required.

Base 93US/98EU Octane High Load + SRI/CAI Version: 1.10

93US/98EU + Octane tune for near stock vehicles with a cold air intake or short ram intake. Stock DP is required. Provides significantly increased boost, revised fuel and spark, and throttle is opened over an extended range. Contains stock MAF calibration. MAF calibration for your intake is required.

Base 91US/95EU Octane Version: 1.00

91US/95EU + Octane tune for stock or near stock vehicles. CAI or modded air box are OK. Stock DP is required. Provides slightly increased boost, revised fuel and spark, and throttle is opened over an extended range.

Base 93US/98EU Octane Version: 1.00

93US/98EU + Octane tune for stock or near stock vehicles. CAI or modded air box are OK. Stock DP is required. Provides moderately increased boost, revised fuel and spark, and throttle is opened over an extended range.

Economizer Version: 1.00

Improved fuel economy from advanced timing, leaner AFRs, and remapped accelerator pedal input response.

Valet Version: 1.00

Substantially reduced output. 5000 RPM rev limiter. 100 MPH / 160 km/h speed limiter.

Anti-Theft Version: 1.00

Starts, Runs for 2 seconds, then stalls.

Base 93US/98EU Octane High Load Version: 1.02

93US/98EU + Octane tune for stock or near stock vehicles. CAI or modded air box are OK. Stock DP is required. Provides significantly increased boost, revised fuel and spark, and throttle is opened over an extended range.

Dyno Graphs

Car tested: 2008 Mazdaspeed3 (USDM)
Car modifications: None
Dyno type: Mustang dyno
Power measured: Wheel power
Fuel type: Pump gas, octane rating 93 (RON+MON)/2, equivalent to 98 RON
Reference tune: Factory tune
Target tunes: Base 93/98 Octane
Base 93/98 Octane High Load
from VersaTuner tune database, no additional changes applied.


VersaTunerPersonal license (software only)

  • Requires a J2534 compatible vehicle interface
  • Free minor updates
  • Licensed to one VIN
  • Install on multiple computers
  • Unlimited reflashes

VersaTuner + VersaLink Personal license + USB vehicle interface

  • All you need to tune your car
  • Free minor updates
  • Licensed to one VIN
  • Install on multiple computers
  • Unlimited reflashes
  • Duty/tax free shipping for US and EU customers

VersaLink USB vehicle interface

  • Full speed data logging and reflashing
  • Reliable operation
  • Designed in the USA by DrewTech
  • Full compatibility with SAE J2534 PassThru
  • Can be used with other software
  • Duty free shipping for US and EU customers

Are you a professional tuner, e-tuner or a potential reseller?

Contact us to learn more about special terms, pricing and collaboration possibilities.


2010-2013 (2nd gen) Mazdaspeed3, Mazda 3 MPS or MazdaSpeed Axela
2.3l MZR DISI Turbo (all regions)

Software & Hardware Requirements
  • A computer running Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10
  • VersaLink (recommended) or any other J2534 PassThru compatible cable for flashing and wired data logging
  • OBDLink LX, OBDLink MX or a generic ELM327 bluetooth OBD-II adapter for wireless data logging
  • At least 30 MB of free disk space
  • Internet connection for online tune database access

IMPORTANT! Chinese Mini-VCI/MVCI J2534 vehicle interfaces (cables) are known to brick the ECU when flashing. Do NOT use them with VersaTuner.

License type: Personal, limited to one car (specific VIN)
Install on multiple computers:
Free minor updates:
Transfer license to the future owner of your car:
Transfer license to another car: (certain exceptions apply, contact us for details)
Supported hardware interfaces (wired):
  • VersaLink (recommended)
  • Any SAE J2534 PassThru compatible cable/adapter
Supported hardware interfaces (wireless):
logging and DTC operations only
  • OBDLink LX
  • OBDLink MX
  • Generic ELM327 OBD-II Bluetooth adapters (low speed, limited functionality)
Connection method: OBD-II port on the car, USB port or Bluetooth on the computer
No ECU removal necessary:
No need to splice wires:
Flashing method: ISO/SAE standard
Time for initial installation on the car: around 25 minutes
Time for each subsequent reflash: around 1 minute
Automatic recovery after flashing failure:
Automatic backup of stock calibration:
Possibility to go back to stock calibration:
Number of guaranteed reflashes: 100+ (depending on the ECU)
ECU control
Number of modifiable tables: 190+
Sophisticated boost control:
Air/fuel mixture control:
Ignition timing control:
Throttle control:
Variable valve timing control:
Fuel pressure control:
Idle RPM control:
Rev limiter control:
Speed limiter control:
Sensor calibration:
Shift stutter elimination:
Disable traction control and torque vectoring due to steering wheel angle sensor (SWAS):
Ability to disable unwanted DTCs:
Ability to prevent fuel cut:
Ability to tune for E85:
Compatibility with non-US ECUs:
Launch control: with MegaSpool , fully configurable
No lift shifting: with MegaSpool , fully configurable
Data logging
Logging speed: 200 samples/second (on VersaLink)
Smart logging resolution management:
Measurable parameters: 30+, including Mazda-specific
Measurement units: Fully customizable
Alerts: Visual and audible, configurable thresholds
Logging duration: Only limited by disk space
Number of generic DTCs recognized: 4000+
Number of Mazda-specific DTCs recognized: 1400+
Read/clear codes from other modules: